NEXCOM’s NEX 912 Industrial Motherboard Gives Rise to Machine Vision Applications

The NEX 912 is a high-performance standard ATX industrial motherboard that improves image processing for diverse machine vision applications. Supporting the 7th and 6th generations Intel® Core™ processors paired with Intel® Q170 Chipset, the NEX 912 excels at offering advanced computing and powerful image handling with expansion capabilities to improve inspection and secure quality production in the manufacturing industries.

AT&T Launches Their Nationwide LTE‑M Network for IoT

On May 18, 2017, AT&T announced that its U.S. LTE-M network was “live” and had been completed ahead of schedule. Their monthly plans for LTE-M begin at $1.50 per month per device, and LTE-M modules will be available for as low as $7.50 each, including a SIM card.