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Differenz between 2.4 GHz Wifi and 5 GHz Wifi


Advantages and disadvantages of 2.4 GHz Wifi Especially in urban areas you often see a change in Wifi speed and poor connections. The reason is noise of other wireless networks in the air. In the 2.4 GHz Band you only have 13 different channels. Only 3 of those channels can be used without overlapping. The […]

Horizon 2020 Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure for Future Internet PPP – Creating a Smart Network that is Flexible, Robust and Cost Effective


The use of telecommunication services in Europe has grown remarkably in the last two decades. Responding to ever increasing demand for data usage it is today commonly agreed that a continuous long-term investment into research and development and the deployment of communication systems standards has to be ensured. Global standards are a fundamental cornerstone in […]

IEEE 802.11ac